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TrueFire review 2022

What TrueFire lacks in visual bells and whistles, it more than makes up for in depth. Put simply, TrueFire will make you a better...

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What TrueFire lacks in visual bells and whistles, it more than makes up for in depth. Put simply, TrueFire will make you a better player, no matter what your starting point is.


  • +Courses on everything you can ever think of
  • +So much content
  • +Courses are downloadable for offline learning


  • Some videos look a bit long in the tooth
  • Could be overwhelming for the casual learner

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For the purposes of conducting this review, we were granted full access to the TrueFire platform.

If we’ve learned one thing over the past couple of years, it’s that huge parts of life can be carried out online, remotely. If you, like many others, took the time to explore a new hobby or pastime, you likely benefited from online tutorials, be that in the form of dedicated lessons or simply by mainlining YouTube videos like there’s no tomorrow. Because, to be fair, at times it felt like there wouldn’t be.

Online guitar lessons were one area that enjoyed a huge boom, as people found themselves with the time and opportunity they’d perhaps lacked before to really focus on learning to play. With plenty of vendors to choose from, users were able to find the offer that best suited their learning style, goals and budget. From shiny, upbeat tuition brands using technology in some cool and interesting ways, through to more traditional methods allowing users to drill down into specific techniques, there was – and is – something for everybody.

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One that stood out to us was TrueFire(opens in new tab). Fitting more into the latter of those two aforementioned styles, TrueFire’s promise of interactive learning, big-name tutors and a bank of over 52,000 video lessons means it ticks a lot of boxes for players of all ages and abilities. But with so much in the way of competition, from names like Fender, JustinGuitar and Yousician, where does it fit in? In our TrueFire review, we’ll aim to outline exactly that, highlighting some of its best features to help you decide if TrueFire is the tool to help reach your playing goals. 

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TrueFire review 2022